As a collective, we are experiencing an enormous mental health epidemic and the struggles of depression, isolation, loneliness, panic, substance abuse, stress and burnout are at a level like never before. the problem is, that the work place doesn’t consider their role in the burn out of their workers, modern medicine does not solve the problem it only masks it and modern psychologists and their methods are leaving people very confused and disillusioned. We value a more empowered, existential approach where we can help guide people to the light of their imbalances by embodying all of the parts of life together as one in the hope that it will encompass a more meaningful objective and clear direction for those seeking support

benefits of embodied wellness practice and focus

  • We look at all areas of the human condition and how to best support you through mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healthcare areas so that you can embody principles across all fields and be the most balanced version of you
  • Helping you balance your life in all areas from family, work, finance, social and environmental health so that you can feel at ease across all fields and help to create harmony with your internal and external worlds
  • We run various Employee wellness programs that can potentially reduce employee healthcare costs for companies and allow employees to take control of their own health and lifestyles with support of their work Management
  • Your productivity and Mental clarity
  • Self-worth and Self -growth
  • Increased energy levels and social development
  • Improved morale, engagement, and satisfaction at work / home and social

wellbeing trends to pay attention to this 2023

We are good at what we do because, while collecting insights, we ourselves become tuned in and it gives us that head start where we are able to see the trends unfold well before they do so. Forecasting is a great, fun tool that enables us to predict the future trends in social and behavioural fields and see what they might look like. We said at the end of 2022 that the year of 2023 will have a heavy focus on our sleep and the need to slow down. Good sleep hygiene, gut health, corporate health, spiritual health and clean living on the whole will be the leading themes of 2023 and given that we know this before they’ve yet become apparent to everyone else (Its only January so yet to see the playout) we have tailor made all the metric trackers and programs to help you when the time comes and the focus on these themes goes viral. They’re great trends to focus on this year and there is a lot to discuss on this so while we are running various focus groups, surveys and trackers, we are also using our blog and podcast to do pieces that we think will help you on a really deep level to tune in to these themes so that you get the most benefit out of them and have great fun whilst doing so! Wellness is beautiful, brilliant and lifechanging but, lets not forget the fun part!

research metrics that come from people across all fields – what is the data saying about our health from a somatic perspective?

By understanding our emotions, we can redefine our health and start to take control of our mind, thoughts and feelings. Our insights research collects data from you that tells us all the tales on how you’re feeling and how we can further help point you in the right direction. In a forever changing world, it is difficult to keep up with all that’s going on and we often don’t know why we feel the way we do and what we can do to channel our thoughts and feelings in the right direction. This can then lead to an imbalance of physical health problems, stress, confusion and mental health issues that , if left unsupported can spiral out of control and fast. We aim to provide you with solutions based on what your data is telling us

a combination of humanistic, existential and somatic therapy techniques that anyone and everyone can use

Where we use neuromarketing consumer research tools and implicit testing in our quantitative surveys, with qualitative research, we measure gut feelings and intuitive perceptions through focus groups and deep focus interviews that allow us to record live perception based data that records the feelings behind the science of decisions. We also use these methodologies to find out the gut feels behind the scenes in the workforce to gain clarity and insight in the fields of operation. How is everyone doing? What could be better? Where have we gone wrong?

implementing cyclical and circadian living to help restore the body mind balance

We spend a lot of time analyzing data and forecasting what the future looks like and while there’s a huge tech and AI stronghold on our daily lives in all their forms, the need to return to a natural pace is paramount and at the very forefront of every discussion when it comes to analytics and therapy considerations. We are seeing a huge rise in people demanding a return and reset to nature in order to restore an equilibrium across all areas of health and wellness and we agree that the need to look at how we eat, sleep, move, work, play, rest, energize and so on needs to come from a more cyclical space that connects us back to a natural root so that we can really do the deep, healing work properly. And the great news is, that we have SO many fantastic tools and available resources to help you implement a much gentler natural structure back in to your life and help you re-balance and find a better way forward

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