The Future of Forestry Global – 2020 vision

Some five million hectares of forest are cleared every year – that’s 15 football pitches every minute.

Yet corporate transparency and action on deforestation remains low. This not only puts corporate revenue at risk, but hinders successful action on climate change and biodiversity loss.

With 2020, a critical milestone in the fight against deforestation, fast approaching, corporate action is under increasing consumer and investor scrutiny.

Nearly 450 companies and more than 50 governments have pledged to end deforestation by 2020, but industry action to date has not been enough to achieve this. In fact nearly a quarter of companies have yet to take significant action on deforestation, either taking no action, or acting on only one commodity when they have others requiring attention. We define taking action as setting targets (for example, to increase traceability), using certification, engaging with supply chains, or taking part in external initiatives to achieve zero deforestation production.

So where to we stand now? If targets have been unachievable and Companies are still not stepping up to the table?

This 2020 as indeed is the year where deforestation was pinned to END we are talking to Companies from all over the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South East Asia to see what the independent Companies and researchers are doing to bump heads and see what can be done to fire up the corporates and get these targets met.

We will shortly be posting some intriguing data and info that will highlight what the next 4 years in forestry is going to look like and a list of legislations that have been put forward for review with an urge to change the way the situation is handled, the realistic promise of a significant outcome and some of the voices that are helping push this forward for us all.

If you have any information that you wish to submit in this category that you think would be beneficial then please send to and we will review and submit accordingly.

The future is now! Our forests are calling!

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