A big HELLO from the team at Fortis One Health!

This is our intro Podcast. A big 1st for us and it is sent out in to the World with an intention of unity, harmony and hope for us all.

As the World continues to change, adapt and evolve, as do we. ONE HEALTH is a collective collaborate effort of understanding healthcare concept in a unified, inclusive way and looks to focus on animal, human and eco- health as a connected union rather than parts and pieces that often get lost or misplaced along the way.

An intro from us:

I am your host, Kathryn Asher. I come from a trained background in Psychology and Philosophy though have worked in the Veterinary and human healthcare sector since 2014. I am also a trained Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and work in collaboration with a team of Vets, Nurses, Doctors, Environmental Scientists, Ecologists, Engineers and conservationists. Together, we have teamed up to create this hub of ONE HEALTH as we believe it is the way forward.


Here we are looking at the forthcoming changes in an environmental sense and how they directly impact the heath of all the species that live here on planet Earth. A look at the new methods of treatment that are shaping up to take over in a mainstream sense and why the ones on the sidelines need to be brought up to the table to match the existing principle options so that there can be more balance and available solution for many.

We identify the problems within our current system and with those propose how we can dissolve what doesn’t work and replace it with a system based on integrity and unity and how problem solving and risk assessments need to factor in the voices of everyone within the community and not just those within the professions that lead.

This is the time when everyone needs to assume control over their own health and also take responsibility to help create a localized community based on local environmental policies that start from the grass roots up and look to create wellness and preventative solutions for long term healthcare goals.

Do you want to get involved? Do you want to share your work? knowledge? Insight?

Let us know! Book in for an interview with us by sending your request to

We offer various membership options and publication subscriptions to keep everyone in the bigger picture moving forwards together! Please check us out and sponsor us however you can!

And a very health and happy 2022 to everyone!

Stay healthy – Stay united!

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