A BIG HELLO from the team at SOMA Health!

A place where the voices of anyone and everyone concerned about embodied healthcare can come together to share insights and opinions through fun, diverse and engaging discussions for all to hear

As the World continues to change, adapt and evolve, EMBODIED HEALTH AND WELLBEING is a collective collaborative effort of understanding healthcare concepts in a unified, inclusive way and looks to focus on collective and interpersonal embodiment as a simplified method where rather than parts and pieces of us as separate parts and pieces, that often get lost or misplaced along the way, we look at the parts and pieces as a whole. Connecting the dots and gluing everything back together again!

We look to cover ones live in all aspects. The internal aspect AKA the self inside of you. Your soul, your mind, your heart and your emotions. Then the parts of you that exist in the world and the parts of the world that you exist in. Your lifestyle, family life, finances, social health, environmental health, work life health etc. It seems complex doesn’t it? But, once you take back control of how to manage and move through your life, it can actually be very simple and very fulfilling!

We’re all about not complicating anything and finding a way back to neytral spaces and places where you can feel safe to explore yet grow in ways you never imagined possible. And we’re here to help guide you all the way so this is a shared effort and everyone’s voice and opinion counts!

An intro from us:

I am your host, Kathryn Asher. I come from a trained background in Psychology, in particular in behavioural psychology and I have worked in the Veterinary and human healthcare sector since 2014. I started working in Veterinary research and development back in 2018 focusing on qualitative research groups, finding out how people we’re feeling with a particular interest being spent on the mental health and wellbeing of those on the front line. Since then, I have helped to grow our insights projects using my strengths in behaviour and strategic forecasting as I saw the markets change some years ago and predicted the likely outcomes that I now see playing out in front of us. It is an interesting place to be sat in where the very changes you anticipated come to live right in front of you and with that and the understanding of how and why, I have spent a number of years now connecting with likeminded forces in the fields to collaborate and share insights that decode the developments and influence the ways forward. Now, it is the voices of those on the frontline that matter as you’re all the ones doing the hard work that makes the difference. We want to hear from you and share your views and considerations and find out how, given all these changes that are now undeniable, you’re all feeling!

This podcast looks to focus on the research group topics we have currently running. You can find details of our FOCUS GROUPS which are live and will continue to run until mid 2024 so there is plenty of time to join in. The topics in these groups will be what is covered throughout our podcast discussions so there can be further elaboration and predictive analytics that can be shared for a wider audience and for the benefit of our interconnected sectors going forwards.


We identify the problems within our current system and with them propose how we can dissolve what doesn’t work and aim to restructure in a positive way. How problem solving and risk assessments need to factor in the voices of everyone within the workforce and beyond and not just those within the professions that lead.

We look at ways to manage our own health and how to make sure that we are supporting each other in practice and step up to the table where needs be. We need to make sure our policies and practice protocols are fair and that equality in the workplace is prioritised. We need to consider the future way forward that prioritises people over profit and make sure our ethics and standards are coming from a place of integrity that values our workforce and if not, how changes can be made to implement new methods that can help influence balance.

Do you want to get involved? Do you want to share your work? knowledge? Insight?

Let us know! Book in for an interview with us by sending your request to

Please check us out and tune in to the podcast when it goes live in Jan 2023 and share away, get in touch, get involved!

As always, a huge thank you to everyone that so far has contributed towards the development and growth of this universally wonderful project and a huge thank you to those of you yet to jump on board! Let’s have fun and get this show on the road!

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