We have a background in Recruitment, predominantly Veterinary and due our knowledge on how the sector ‘WORKS’ literally from the inside out, we spotted all the flaws and functions that need re-consideration, and with that in mind, we set to make some shifts. Shifts that we believe are for the greater good of not only the Veterinary industry but all surrounding healthcare industries connected.

We are primarily a small group of 12 people. We are, as mentioned above, recruiters. Specialists in HR and Business Management and then we are also practicing vets and nurses, Medical researchers and data analysts, scientists of many varied spectrum’s, teachers, linguists and most importantly the one title we all share, is that we are ALL believers and activists in moving healthcare forward into a more unified and interconnected way that benefits us all!

Our work is our creation. We all play a unique role and hold different skill sets and tools to achieve goals but our vision is the same. We want to make sure that there is something for everyone and get rid of the one size fits all method that we clearly know does not work so, with that in mind, we are LEADERS in a movement that is designed to unite the healthcare sectors and bring about new research, data, findings and results that are yet to be explored.

So, we expanded from Veterinary because we understood that the divisions created within the healthcare sector do not allow for growth and expansion. The divisions should not exist at all and have no place in our future. “What do I mean by divisions?

Firstly, there should be no remarkable difference between how we treat animals, humans or the environment. We are all principally the same bacterial living organism that exists on the same sine wave on the same earth. Of course, we are all uniquely individual but the basis of our existence is by and large the same and means we meet the same requirements. In a natural sense, sunlight, water, oxygen, vitamins and minerals.  A dog is overweight because he/she eats highly processed foods, he has heart disease and diabetes. A person is overweight because he/she eats highly processed foods, he has heart disease and diabetes. In science, we know we call this cause and effect. Similarly, to plant life, we are also dependent on sunlight and water. Photosynthesis is not only relevant to plants so if we are also dependent on these things, shouldn’t how earth is cared for and what changes occur within her create a cause and effect in us? Why then are we separating practices and protocols? They’re really not that different and all they do is cause a lack of understanding and division. We are evolved to live together within our environment. This needs to start being demonstrated

Back in 2018, we heard from one of our referral practices that had equipment to scan large animals such as cows, horses and zoo animals, lions etc. They had said that they had recently had a couple of patients admitted to them of the human kind that were too large to fit in the NHS scanners. They were trying to find clotting on the lung of a patient that was particularly obese and this was the only solution. When we asked if the mechanics and proceedures were the same they said absolutely, the only difference is that animals don’t sit quietly when asked, otherwise the whole start to finish is exactly the same for animals as it is humans.

It was this moment that lead to us exploring the possibilities of combining practices and research so we started to put heads together with a number of vets and functional med practitioners in our field and they sure enough told us that the one health method has been something of a discussion point since about the start of 2000 but that the fields of practice were not ready to consider these options as they were still stuck fumbling through old Newtonian methods of practice. Fine, carry on but we do need to explore other alternatives also without restrictions so, with the heads put together, we launched slowly in to bringing the fields together. Which fields specifically?

  • Animal health in its entirety. Veterinary practice. Animal welfare, holistic alternatives, wild life, conservation, marine biology etc
  • Human health – All allopathic channels we know and work with to date, functional practice, holistic alternatives, Eastern medicine, herbal medicine, naturopathy, psychology, mental health, homeopathy, medical technology, global health research, infectious diseases, new medical protocols and treatments etc
  • Environmental health – Air quality control, water control, environmental science and research, sustainable development, conservation, agriculture, food standards and development, waste management, energy and sustainable solutions.

And all of the above all tie together. They are all relevant to each other so the data findings from one specific is relevant to all the others. Why separate them. For example, conservation. How we conserve our land and wildlife directly affects the conservation of ourselves as humans. Infectious diseases as we well see now are so interconnected between ourselves, our wildlife and our environment. We need to learn how to work within all 3 sectors in order to find and restore balance for each sector individually and as a whole. We are not separated, we are one.

With that in mind, we then set out to provide our businesses and practices and all those working within each environment the opportunity to create content that will set about bringing unison in these fields. Yes, you can still do your traditional CPD and focus on your field of 1st opinion standard practice but, there needs to be room for diversity and challenge. Our courses will offer something for everyone and will be accessible for ALL within the fields of universal one health should they wish to participate across a broader spectrum.  We aren’t re-inventing the wheel, we are simply adding on new ideas and opinions along the way and shouldn’t this be what CPD is and does instead of agreeing with what has already been agreed and just re-labelled. Lets get creative and start to explore other fields and put them together to see how we can really make a change!

The other thing that really stood out to us after years of working in both corporate and independent practice, is that the independents are really the ones that deserve the support and encouragement. They are by far the most ethical when it comes to offering service and are also the most open minded as they are not tied down to limiting rules of practice and after seeing the growth that so many corporate Businesses have profited over the pandemic in comparison to the independents that have not been so fortunate, we wanted to make it our point to offer something that supports their growth as much as possible, so we decided that our CPD could be widely available for everyone but, that we would start an INDEPENDENT FEDERATION (Our directory service of independent Businesses) and our INDEPENDENT SUBSCRIBERS MEMBERSHIP that allows for those signed in to access FREE CPD and content and also huge discounts on recruitment and any other business package we offer that can assist in the movement of one health.

So, there we are! In mid 2021, we finally launched our website that offers jobs and courses to all 3 sectors independently and in unison and we will see how it unfolds!

We are always looking for consultants to work with us to help coordinate our Business to Business network channels and any professional that would like to get involved with vlogs, podcasts or any interactive industry related social media!

A few examples of our courses and posts…

And here is a list of all the courses we will be uploaded between October and December 2021 ready for a Jan 2022 BIG LAUNCH!



  • Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushings Disease) – Clinical signs, Diagnosis, Treatment Part 1, 2 and 3 (Webinar Online )
  • Ophthalmology – Levels 1+2 (Tutor led online)
  • Raw food and Nutrition for dogs and cats Level 1+2 (E- Download Online )
  • Healing humans and animals with Tammy – Physical therapist combining healing protocols (Online anytime)
  • Natural remedies for Pain and Inflammation in pets (e- Download Online )
  • How to treat recurring Pancreatitis in Dogs – Part 1+2 (Tutor led online)
  • An introduction in to Zoopharmacognosy – Parts 1+2 (Webinar Online )
  • Equine Iridology Diploma (Tutor Led Online)
  • Probiotics for pets (Online anytime)
  • Advanced small animal ultrasound – (Attendance)
  • Practical Endoscopy – (Attendance)
  • Laparoscopic neutering and beyond – (Attendance)
  • A multidisciplinary approach to oncologic surgery (Webinar Online)
  • Feline Cardiology (Webinar Online)
  • Fundamentals of Emergency Medicine Part 1 + 2 (Webinar Online)
  • A look in to holistic transitioning (Webinar Online)
  • Limpomas in Dogs (Webinar Online)
  • How to treat Degenerative Myelopathy with alternative protocols (Webinar online)
  • Equine acupuncture and physiotherapy (Tutor led Online)
  • Behavioral Medicine (Webinar and E-download Online)
  • Understanding infectious diseases (Webinar Online)
  • Exotics Anaestesia – (Attendance and Tutor led Online)



  • Zeus Plasma/Electrosurgery Device Training (Tutor led and E-download online)
  • Nutrition for Medics (Webinar online)
  • The Lyno Method, Physiotherapy – (Webinar Online)
  • The future is Quantum (Webinar Online)
  • Epigenetics (Webinar Online)
  • Ear Microsuction and Irrigation Training (Tutor led and webinar Online)
  • An Introduction to Bioelectronics In Pain Management – (Webinar Online)
  • Advanced Psychology Level 1 + 2 – (Tutor Led and Webinar Online)
  • Dental Nursing Level 1+2 (Webinar Online and E-Download)
  • PostGrad courses in Radiopharmacy – (Webinar online)
  • How to Spot the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s and Support Your Patients (Webinar Online)
  • Senior mental health lead training – a community-wide approach to improving mental health outcomes in your school or FE college (Webinar Online)
  • Leaders in Helathcare Online and in person
  • Achieving safer and reliable practice (Webinar Online)
  • The Clinical Communication Programme (CCP) (Attendance)
  • An introduction to Homeopathy for professinoals Level 1+2 (Webinar and E-Download)
  • Naturopathy for Clinical use (Webinar Online)
  • The benefits of Sound healing therapy for Humand and animals (Webinar online)
  • Understanding infectious diseases (Webinar Online)



  • The practice and theory of seismic depth imaging (Tutor led Online)
  • Symbiosis – Moving closer together in harmony (Webinar and E-Download Online)
  • Understanding Biodiversity across the board – (Webinar Online)
  • Modelling Environmental processes (Webinar Online)
  • Bringing new voices to Marine protection in Scotland (Webinar Online)
  • The future of forestry global – (Webinar Online)
  • Understanding infectious diseases (Webinar Online)
  • Phytoplankton Blooms from Space (Recorded content)
  • The Pyroxene Mineral Group (Webinar Online)
  • Decoding Eurocode 7 – Ground Investigation and testing course – (Webinar Online)
  • FSC Professional Development for Ecologists and Conservationists – (Tutor led and Webinar Online)
  • An introduction into extractions of essential oils and their uses (Webinar Online)


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