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As a professional, share your opinions and insights with a wider audience

Fortis One Health insights and Media – Veterinary, Healthcare and Eco-Health news and research

Are you a professional in the field of Veterinary science, Human healthcare, Eco-science or Technology? If so, we would love to hear from you with thoughts, concepts and opinions on how you are currently working in these sectors, your experience and how it has developed and adapted and what you consider the future to look like

We are wanting to hear from professionals across mainstream standard practice and also alternative, functional and integrative medicine and science to share your insights to help us gain a wider perspective and offer a bigger picture of what the world of integrated healthcare and environmental science looks like NOW and what it might look like in the years to come

Whatever your position, title or place in practice, please share your work however you feel it would influence and inspire others that read it or listen in. There is no voice to small or publication too large. We are not aiming to become a library of peer reviewed documents but a place where feelings, thoughts and opinions on workplace ethics and protocols in practice can shine through while we assist and encourage others that are perhaps losing faith or direction, your voice and insight might help them see things in a different light.

What You can offer:

– Your own interpretation of your current skills and expertise from a non-biased viewpoint on our podcast interview sessions
– Credible research and analysis in your field either via contributed CPD / research data / publication format for our magazine or free access posts on our main page
– Course or Event listings that can help others in your network gain further outreach in your field


We thank you so much for your contribution towards our projects and your involvement. It means the world to those we work with!


Our voices share the messages that can change the course of the future. In research, we learn WHO influences these changes and HOW. WHY these changes are occurring and WHEN the forecasted changes will reach the tipping scale. It is about uniting with information and being on the same page as much as possible even though our pages are all unique and offer a different viewpoint, the lessons we must learn are to respect that all of our opinions hold a place and we can only truly understand our worth in these fields we work in if we consider the values and inputs of others. Our data is diverse and is collected from many different social, economic, cultural and geographical backgrounds within the fields of science and medicine and all hold a value that can and will change the course of our professional environments on many levels.

If you are a CPD provider that wishes to share course or event listings to include in our publication, please feel free to share also via the link below. We don’t take a payment for this or ask for a commission; it is simply an add on for our members so that they can see what is available and also help you network via our platform. We thank you for your collaboration

PLEASE NOTE: As a contributor of any kind, your work, whether it be literal, audible or submitted via our focus group pages is always treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Please see our TERMS AND CONDITIONS page for all our agreements across all the fields we work in and also our PRIVACY POLICY page to see how your work is protected when it comes to our publication or sharing of third party information.

At any point that you wish to withdraw your content you have full authority to request that it be removed and we will remove it from our sites and social channels and also from our central records so that you can be assured that it cannot be used again from anyone in our cooperative or group.

We share work /feedback / insights and opinions of people to be able to offer credible resources, insider viewpoints and concerns, With that, implemented solutions via pathways of integrated and inclusive connections are made possible with the aim to better the workforce and unite rather than divide so it is our utmost priority to share non-discriminatory, offensive posts that could cause hurt or aggression and we do not encourage any of our contributors to act or behave in such a way that it would lower the tone to these standards. Our standards and ethics are what we pride ourselves highly on so please do remember that when consenting to collaborate with us.

Once you have submitted your request form above and stated the areas you wish to discuss, we will send you out a CONSENT FORM that is a basic agreement stating the above, in that you agree to act in accordance to our values, ethics and standards at all times. Likewise, we also as a cooperative agree to share equal ethical standards to you

All your work will be proofread via our in-house publishing team before it is launched, and any pre-recorded podcasts or interviews may be subject to final editing or possible re-recording should there be issues with sound, language or content disruptions of any kind.

We do hold the right to refuse to upload content or podcasts if there is any derogatory content or misuse of language or slander of any kind.

We love our community and we want to share the most forward thinking, progressive voices and opinions. Of course, if there are uncomfortable things to be said, which is often the case, could we please choose wording that is considerate to our peers and others in the industry.


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