Every quarter, you will receive our exclusive ONE HEALTH digital guide as part of your subscription. Your team can be satisfied knowing you are working towards implementing principles of ONE HEALTH within your practice or Business. Our magazine highlights the amazing work of our featured professionals and keeps you in the loop with courses, research, data, scientific finds and discoveries and news from within the fields of ONE HEALTH

As a member you get to have your own Business page listed on our mapped directory, so any jobs, courses, events or special offers you run from within your Business, you can list them on your page for any of our visitors to benefit from. Our visitors are both professional and public viewers as is such the nature of ONE HEALTH as we offer courses and content for both the public and professionals alike, so you can be guarantees a few hits.

Across most sectors, Businesses pay between 12-20% on recruitment remuneration packages. This has been the standard for so long and as we come from a background of HR and Recruitment we are very aware of this and have a huge pool of professionals and candidates we speak with on a regular basis. We do however, prefer to work on a service ethic that is based on integrity and trust so instead of the huge figures for new staff sourcing, regardless of salary figure, we have decided to offer our member practices and Businesses a fixed low rate base fee of £2000 per successful permanent candidate placement. That is a HUGE saving and as we know that Businesses have struggled over the last few years, that is our incentive to you to keep you ticking over nicely with a solid, strong team! We also offer low daily locum rates for contractors. Please see our locum T’s and C’s.

NB: This offer is only available for INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES AND PRACTICES. We cannot supply this offer to Corporate chains


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At Fortis One Health, our MAIN focus and goal is to issue INDEPENDENT Businesses and Practices the chance to offer themselves and their workforce the best service to ensure they not only thrive but dominate!

We have watched corporates centralise their CPD and academic resources and then charge their own staff to access information. This is far from ethical and prohibits real growth and shared information that should be widely available to all without limits so, we want to provide as much leading sector info and academic knowledge by you the professionals for we the professionals (and for the greater public also) and on terms that are flexible and cost effective for everyone.

We believe that going forwards, online webinar and audio content is the best way to stay informed and up to date on the basics within each industry and that our main aim will be to provide series programs and audio content created by those with expertise in the various fields and provided to you in a format that is easy to follow and relevant towards your progression in your field but also in a way that connects you to a deeper understanding towards the concepts of ONE HEALTH

What can you expect? High caliber cutting edge research and data from field expertise combined with a super futuristic look at where we are evolving across all fields of healthcare and science. We will also be hosting a number of network groups on our calendar throughout the year that will be available to all members and even if you don’t join in live, you can catch up on all the content and links will be sent to you so that you can always follow up on everything that is platformed in your own time! This will be across all sectors but with a mission to co-join and unify all diversities so that we can grow our own communities through fields of research and development starting from the grass roots up!

Are you a professional that would like to share your work with others? If so, please get in touch and we would love to discuss how we can work together in the future!

Prices are set by our course creators and discounts are issued by our central team. The calendar updates will go live on the 1st Friday of every month so you can forecast ahead and book in. There will be something for everyone so stay tuned!


We have worked in Veterinary and Healthcare since 2014 and during all this time, there has been an industry standard of anywhere between 12.5 – 15% remuneration on recruitment placements. That means that if we find you a surgeon on a 45k salary, according to industry standards, we would be billing you £5625 for that one placement alone.

We work with practitioners across all sectors and our aim is to help and offer a service to those that need and this has to come above and before any profit margin so we propose that members will pay fixed rates of £2000 on ANY permanent recruitment deal made through us regardless of salary.

And as a bonus, our standard recruitment rebate period and terms and conditions still apply to protect your investment of any agreements made through us.

Locum daily rates are also fixed at £30 per day agency fee and work in accordance to our locum terms and conditions


By signing up as a directory member you get all of the above in terms of discount, which is great because saving is always what a Business likes and needs but, what about what it can also MAKE YOU!

We have networked with professionals across all 3 main health sectors Animal, Human and Eco for a decade now and due to this, we have a huge following and a great database of people that use our services and can on the other hand use yours. By creating a Business directory page, you get to highlight your Business summary and activity on our site that will link to an interactive map so anyone searching for Businesses in your area will be able to see your content.

If you’re looking for any staff or have any internal offers or information you wish to promote for professional and public use, then we can list it for you on our site.

If your Business lists any specialty fields of practice or interest then we can use tags that highlight and represent these fields for anyone looking for said specifics in your area.

eg: Your Business specializes in Biofeedback – A client in your area is looking at Biofeedback. Your practice is looking for a Neurosurgeon – A Neurosurgeon on our database is looking for a position in your area. Your Business is running an internal course available for public access and awareness. We can list this course and also promote in via our internal newsfeed for extra exposure that can benefit you

As mentioned on our homepage, our networking is both Professional to Professional and Professional to Public so we have a large networking function on both sides. You may only want to use this site to benefit from professional networking capacities and that’s fine, however, you do have the option and sometimes its a great idea to get creative and see how you as a Business can throw together something that could gain you extra exposure for the public benefit. EG: You have a strong team that wish to promote the importance of conservation in your local area and you think the public would be interested in certain information. Or you’re a practice that wishes to promote a service on discount. Or you’re a vet that would like to do a Mini course for specific pet nutrition aimed at public awareness.

The entire point of this hub is to share. However we can help we will and vice versa


Our aim is to create a community space where you can access online CPD and an array of other broad focused and also very niche focused sector development courses and available workshops hosted by Nationwide professionals. We want to open up a hub to a new way of thinking and promoting safeguard protocols in practice and also add additional features such as our very diverse industry newsletter that comes out quarterly and our directory pages that allow everyone signed up to interconnect and share material, content and ideas. Our hope is that the services provided will be useful to your Business in a cost saving way and also in a progressive way that allows you to steer your work force in to the future with as much integrity and support as possible.

We have our own recruitment hub that offers the lowest rates in the industry and provides a fantastic service in ensuring you have a strong and forward thinking work force. We have worked in Veterinary and Healthcare recruitment since 2014 and our ability to add this service on to your membership package is a great way to make use of the services while making sure you get the best deals possible in a strong competitive market. Our aim is to protect and enhance independent Businesses as much as possible so our dedication is to you. If you are a Corporate practice that wishes to utilize our services, you may freely do so but our membership and directory subscriptions only apply to Independents and corporate businesses may have to pay full price for any of our products or services.

As we have spent since 2014 also in direct comms with the industry leading professionals, we network constantly with those that are able to provide the best and most relevant course material, content, workshops and a strong community engagement that links us all together. individually, we can create a puzzle piece, Together we can change the world!

If you are a Business or professional that would like to submit any course content or host a course, please email CPD@fortis-vets.com and we can talk you through procedures, formatting, calendars etc

If you are a Business that has an interest in networking with us please contact kathryn@fortis-vets.com

If you are looking to speak to someone regarding recruitment please contact lee@fortis-vets.com

Our terms and conditions can be found here. To discuss, please contact one of us on any of the emails provided above and we will happily help you with any of your queries.


We love to support INDEPENDENT and private Business so the entire purpose of our Business is to help build bridges and make sure that everyone thrives. We have worked across all sectors for a decade now and we can see from both a Business and a consumer perspective where the future needs to head, and it is in uniting the diverse fields of healthcare across all paths and bridge them all together to create something for everyone. We have a fantastic clientele network and a booming professional database that we aim to merge together to create a platform for everyone to enjoy.

If you are a Business that would prefer to BACS transfer or require an official Business invoice, please email us at CPD@fortis-vets.com and we will send details of how you can pay. NB: All new members will receive an official tax invoice upon completion of membership to the email address used at the time of registration. Price is Inclusive of VAT



ABBEY VETS – We use Fortis Vets for both in house CPD and Recruitment services and have done for a number of years. They have sent us CPD content now since 2019 especially for our RVN’s and we are really looking forward to the launch of their new projects as they sound far more interactive and accessible than how we have worked with them up to now. They have always helped source our perm and locum staff and its a pleasure to work with a team that aren’t just about profit but are here to offer a service in support of independent Business. Very pleased!

VALLEY HOLISTIC – We hosted a course for beginners practitioners looking to get in to Nutritherapy. We estimated that we’d be happy to receive half the applicants that we had hoped but we got a full house and made some fantastic connections with some aspiring and wonderfully energetic folk that have now completed the course and have made their way in to the world of Natural health. Very pleased with the service and look forward to your new joint venture with other health related sectors! Hope its a great success

ACTIVE HEALTH GROUP –  We are a Naturopathic and Chiropractic group with advanced medical training in multiple areas, including Conventional, Naturopathic and Regenerative Medicine. We hosted webinars / seminars on our focal field of specialized regenerative medicine, with prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma treatments and stem cell injection as discussion highlights and we introduced our recently included hard shell hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber that had a great response. We are a focused, regenerative medical environment that supports multi-modal therapies for enhanced healing and the feedback and support we received from those that joined our series of online study workshops has been incredible. Very pleased we could join forces. Thanks so much

What’s the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Due to the nature of our multi-service offers, we are unable to offer refunds on memberships as every Business will have used various service uses that we cannot monitor throughout their journey with us so the only time reimbursements will be issued is within the 1st week of sign up where if you put your intention to us in writing we can close your account and issue refunds during that rebate period.

As per our terms and conditions, if you wish to cancel on attending courses we have a varied policy that secures your investment in any bookings made that may be subject to cancellation or rescheduling. Please see our Ts+Cs for this info.

If you are a non member and have purchased any literature or course work that you did not wish to purchase or it was an accidental purchase, you have 24 hours to request a full refund or you can ask for a transfer for an alternative content swap and either be reimbursed the difference or pay the extra.

Please address any complaints or concerns to our HR office at emily@fortis-vets.com, although we hope you wouldn’t have any we do take our feedback seriously and act to resolve issues with the most care and consideration.

Can we keep the content if we chose to cancel our membership?

Yes, of course. Anything you purchase is for the use of you and / or your team members so once it is yours it is yours forever.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of your package inclusive?

All of our terms and conditions pertaining to memberships, directories, recruitment, CPD and so on can all be found here

Once you have joined us, you will be send your login codes and then you may enter the portal for all members courses

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