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Our aim is to create a community space where you can access online CPD, join workshops hosted by Nationwide professionals, open up a hub to a new way of thinking and promoting safeguard protocols in practice and also add additional features that we believe will be useful to your Business in a cost saving and service providing way.

We have our own recruitment hub that offers the lowest rates in the industry and provides a fantastic service in ensuring you have a strong and forward thinking work force. This is something that we have had established and running since 2014 and is a great addition to your membership package as we understand the changes in this part of your Business and it makes us so happy to be able to include this service in order to help you further!

As we have spent since 2014 also in direct comms with the industry leading professionals, we network constantly with those that are able to provide course material, content, workshops and a community engagement for the hub we are aiming to build. individually, we can create a puzzle piece, Together we can change the world!


Abbey vets – We use Fortis Vets for both CPD and Recruitment services and have done for a number of years however, since their services went online via their hub and more content became available, we have LOVED the opportunity to subscribe and make use of the courses, workshops and added extras such as the mindful sessions that all our team love. A couple of our team have a personal subscription also and because we purchase certain CPD for them everybody saves money and benefits from the availabilities. Also great to have your money off recruitment and they never fail to find us excellent locums and the perm vet we contracted last year. Very happy

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