THE FORTIS ONE HEALTH PODCAST A big HELLO from the team at Fortis One Health! This is our intro Podcast. A big 1st for us and it is sent out in to the World with an intention of unity, harmony and hope for us all. As the World continues to change, adapt and evolve, as do we. ONE HEALTHContinue reading “THE FORTIS ONE HEALTH PODCAST”


15TH MARCH 2021 @ 8:00 AM – 19TH MARCH 2021 @ 5:00 PM GMT An introduction to the full suite of environmental models and modelling methods that are currently used to describe and predict environmental processes and outcomes. The objective of this course is to give an overview of the different types of models currently being used to describe environmental processes andContinue reading “MODELLING ENVIRONMENTAL PROCESSES”

The Future of Forestry Global – 2020 vision

Some five million hectares of forest are cleared every year – that’s 15 football pitches every minute. Yet corporate transparency and action on deforestation remains low. This not only puts corporate revenue at risk, but hinders successful action on climate change and biodiversity loss. With 2020, a critical milestone in the fight against deforestation, fastContinue reading “The Future of Forestry Global – 2020 vision”