Course line up 2022

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  • Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushings Disease) – Clinical signs, Diagnosis, Treatment Part 1, 2 and 3 (Webinar Online )
  • Ophthalmology – Levels 1+2 (Tutor led online)
  • Raw food and Nutrition for dogs and cats Level 1+2 (E- Download Online )
  • Healing humans and animals with Tammy – Physical therapist combining healing protocols (Online anytime)
  • Natural remedies for Pain and Inflammation in pets (e- Download Online )
  • How to treat recurring Pancreatitis in Dogs – Part 1+2 (Tutor led online)
  • An introduction in to Zoopharmacognosy – Parts 1+2 (Webinar Online )
  • Equine Iridology Diploma (Tutor Led Online)
  • Probiotics for pets (Online anytime)
  • Advanced small animal ultrasound – (Attendance)
  • Practical Endoscopy – (Attendance)
  • Laparoscopic neutering and beyond – (Attendance)
  • A multidisciplinary approach to oncologic surgery (Webinar Online)
  • Feline Cardiology (Webinar Online)
  • Fundamentals of Emergency Medicine Part 1 + 2 (Webinar Online)
  • A look in to holistic transitioning (Webinar Online)
  • Limpomas in Dogs (Webinar Online)
  • How to treat Degenerative Myelopathy with alternative protocols (Webinar online)
  • Equine acupuncture and physiotherapy (Tutor led Online)
  • Behavioral Medicine (Webinar and E-download Online)
  • Understanding infectious diseases (Webinar Online)
  • Exotics Anaestesia – (Attendance and Tutor led Online)



  • Zeus Plasma/Electrosurgery Device Training (Tutor led and E-download online)
  • Nutrition for Medics (Webinar online)
  • The Lyno Method, Physiotherapy – (Webinar Online)
  • The future is Quantum (Webinar Online)
  • Epigenetics (Webinar Online)
  • Ear Microsuction and Irrigation Training (Tutor led and webinar Online)
  • An Introduction to Bioelectronics In Pain Management – (Webinar Online)
  • Advanced Psychology Level 1 + 2 – (Tutor Led and Webinar Online)
  • Dental Nursing Level 1+2 (Webinar Online and E-Download)
  • PostGrad courses in Radiopharmacy – (Webinar online)
  • How to Spot the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s and Support Your Patients (Webinar Online)
  • Senior mental health lead training – a community-wide approach to improving mental health outcomes in your school or FE college (Webinar Online)
  • Leaders in Helathcare Online and in person
  • Achieving safer and reliable practice (Webinar Online)
  • The Clinical Communication Programme (CCP) (Attendance)
  • Medical Acupuncture levels 1+2
  • An introduction to Homeopathy for professinoals Level 1+2 (Webinar and E-Download)
  • Naturopathy for Clinical use (Webinar Online)
  • The benefits of Sound healing therapy for Humand and animals (Webinar online)
  • Understanding infectious diseases (Webinar Online)


  • OWN YOUR HEALTH 2022 – 6 week program covering the 3 pillars of wellness: Nutrition, Fitness and lifestyle. A sustainable holistic approach to transformation
  • Diploma in clinical Ayurveda for yoga teachers
  • Ayurvedic Gut and immunity plan – How Ayurveda and western medicine agree that robust health starts in the gut
  • How to make your own herbal remedies and infusions – An A-Z of natural and nourishing remedies you can make and use at home for all the family
  • A 35 year old curriculum combining Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and longevity Science with hands on cooking classes and live seminars
  • Sound therapy practitioner training and 1:1 mentor days
  • Level 4 diploma in clinical pilates
  • Levels 4, 5, 6 diploma in health coaching and nutritional therapy
  • Level 3 Sports massage
  • Fascial tapping workshop
  • Lymphatic drainage massage therapy workshop
  • Electrotherapy workshop
  • Reflexology certificates and workshops
  • Diploma in diet and nutrition with a focus on macro and micro nutrients
  • The hormone four seasons project – Looking at hormones and cyclical movements with a focus on TCM diet protocols and fitness regimes for healthy hormones and adrenals
  • Bioenergetics practitioner online training courses – Functional treatments for chronic diseases with elements of specialized training in Chinese energy medicine
  • Diploma in advanced study of Homeopathy – Homeopath HD
  • Quantum talk therapy – Healing the subconscious and learning how to apply functions of echo healing



  • The practice and theory of seismic depth imaging (Tutor led Online)
  • Symbiosis – Moving closer together in harmony (Webinar and E-Download Online)
  • Understanding Biodiversity across the board – (Webinar Online)
  • Modelling Environmental processes (Webinar Online)
  • Bringing new voices to Marine protection in Scotland (Webinar Online)
  • The future of forestry global – (Webinar Online)
  • Understanding infectious diseases (Webinar Online)
  • Phytoplankton Blooms from Space (Recorded content)
  • The Pyroxene Mineral Group (Webinar Online)
  • Decoding Eurocode 7 – Ground Investigation and testing course – (Webinar Online)
  • FSC Professional Development for Ecologists and Conservationists – (Tutor led and Webinar Online)
  • An introduction into extractions of essential oils and their uses (Webinar Online)


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PLEASE NOTE: We are also hosting interviews and vlogs throughout Oct Nov and Dec so anyone that has subscribed to the membership packages before our January Launch can still access all the social media content and all other membership promotions before our courses go live!

Anyone interesting in getting in on our social schedule to discuss their field of interest please get in touch with Kat at and we can schedule you in.

This coming November we have topics on:

  • A chat about the future of farming and agriculture with x2 of the UK’s leading food sustainability experts
  • Home remedies for dogs with one of our UK based holistic vets
  • The most useful healing advice based on Eastern medicine philosophies and an intro into TCM
  • How to detox your large intestine
  • How to safely use essential oils, their main uses and how you can implement them safely into your daily life
  • The hinge theory of healing
  • Peripheral Neuropathy treatment – reduce pain and discomfort
  • Dental infection management and how to eradicate harmful oral bacteria
  • Flu season is upon us. Natural guides you can implement into your family home that are gentle yet highly effective
  • Nature and how it supports our microbiome in a one health perspective
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