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It is 2021 and as we all collectively venture in to a new way of working throughout this unforeseen change, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new project that has been created by our team at Fortis Vets and a selection of multi-disciplinary vets and healthcare workers throughout our networks.

Our aim is to create a united community to interconnect the principles of all our healthcare needs, within animal healthcare, human healthcare and eco healthcare combined. A place that can bridge together conventional practice with alternative practice so that we can start to create a new structure that embodies gentler and safer guidelines and protocols, rewilding principles and a more re-connected system based on ethical practice that is full of love.

FORTIS ONE HEALTH is brought to you by a team of Vets, Doctors and Eco Scientists in a bid to bridge a gap between not only between the different sectors within Science and Healthcare but also the types of practices available to suit all needs in an ever changing world.

The professions, we have witnessed, over the last decade differ between ‘We’re really fine’ to ‘We have huge problems.’ There are so many disheartened professionals that have thrown in the towel . Ones that started out with a genuine desire to be change the world and are now faithless. This, accounting for many factors , of which we do not need to address right now however, solutions are always a bonus and that is what we are hoping to create.

The every changing world we live in. Climate change, melting polar ice caps, deforestation, violent storms and shifts manoeuvre us in to a new timeline that is shared between new populations of Humans and our Animal companions and also with this Earth we all co-inhabit. The changes are a sign wave of which we are all a frequency match so in terms of our similarities throughout the changes, it makes sense that there should be similarities with regards to how we apply our healthcare principles and protocols, especially given what we know in terms of infectious disease and zoonosis risk. It is inevitable that the World is changing, so with it, so does our Veterinary industry, our healthcare industry and Environmental science sector. It depends however, what outcome we want from these changes and how they can be applied.


Real understanding of our industries requires a big step back in order to take a giant leap forwards. This is what we started to do towards the end of 2019 when we forecast a massive change was imminent and after watching painfully how so many broken hearts within our sectors had given up, it is crucial now that we re-structure these industries, not only for a more simplified, safer and advantageous outcome from a clinical / patient perspective but also from an in-house, humanitarian and wellbeing sense. We started reaching out to practitioners to find out what it really was that they were struggling with, losing hope with, what could be better, where they thought change needed to be applied and where they saw the future in terms of clinical / medical and practitioner status. What hit home was that there was a need for more of an intimate, energetic approach to practice where back to basics principles could be applied. Holistic techniques were something that many wished they could explore or implement in to their practice but due to current regulations and insufficient belief and support within the alternative sectors they felt it safe to just continue under conventional methods even though they realised a change was desperately needed.

The over dominance of Corporate control was also an issue in terms of work / life balance even though there were implemented structures and policies in place it wasn’t having an optimum effect and the new restrictions in terms of contractors via the IR35 really was the nail in the coffin. Where do we go from here? Time is growing very short for veterinary academia to move to better prepare students to act on the veterinary obligation in a new context. The future will greatly lay in the hands of those yet to join the industry of which, there should be a sought and selected few for interest in research, ability for analytical thinking and capacity to look at problems in a multi-dimensional aspect with regards to interconnected health.


We feel it will become the future of our industries to combine the sectors together in order to co-manage caseloads and co-create solutions. The idea isn’t new but it will be a new challenge from those already in practice and those that wish to pursue future career paths in these disciplines and many consequent new disciplines as a result of a merge. And the One Health concept goes well beyond individual knowledge expansion. Many community health care providers, including veterinarians, serve on local or regional boards of health that can be effective venues for risk assessment, planning and education. Thus, we have some structure from which we can begin to act in more unifying fashion. The Masters of public health degree and the One Health degree are already being hosted by various educational platforms but more needs to be done in regards to finding ways to integrate small but simple means in to practice at the onset. Courses, workshops and networking platforms must share ideas and innovation in order to get the ball rolling and start to create the future as we, the practitioners and industry workers choose to show up and become the voices of the industries.

There is so much scope and opportunity for future paths here that opens doors to so much more than conventional, routine practice as we know it.

There is the chance to combine principles, disciplines, research platforms, laboratory stats and analytical problem and solution Management on topics we are yet to imagine. It all begins with us making the leap into the change that undoubtedly, the next generation will pick up but given the year 2020 and the struggles we have endeavoured in the leadup to this crash, the time is now to start paving the way towards a better future for us all and in our opinion, we can achieve the essential goals of One Health, but we must have the courage to make sweeping changes in veterinary education first and foremost.


  1. COURSE WORK, CPD, RESEARCH JOURNALS, WORKSHOPS, WEBINARS, EVENTS CHATS AND TUTORIALS – We are joining together to co-create a community hub to enable anyone and everyone across ALL disciplines to start to share their work and make their clinical practice, research, data, knowledge and understanding accessible to anyone that wishes to further understand different and diverse fields within the spectrum of overall healthcare.
  2. PRACTICES ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE STAFF THEY TAKE ON – Be that person that shines! You love your practice and have something to offer outside and additional to the standard run of the mill 1st op general clinic. Dare to explore avenues that interest you. Dare to put the pieces together and grow something bigger than what already exists because WE CANNOT BECOME WHAT WE WANT BY REMAINING WHAT WE ARE! Build it and they will come! We want to encourage practitioners to venture out and explore the diverse options that are out there. If you have content that you think would inspire someone, share it with us! If there is content shared, you just might inspire someone and vice versa. We cannot build what we want unless we get out there and try!
  3. HEALING OURSELVES FIRST – Not only are we NOT transforming the shadow of our culture, we are actually intensifying it. By refusing to accept stagnant, oppressive systems and not break the mould and create change, we are making matters worse. The burnout rate in the healthcare and veterinary industry is the highest ranked amongst all professions with female physicians taking 60% of those stats. This cannot continue. Burnout is not a disease, it is a necessary rite of passage and a birth canal towards creating something greater and more meaningful in our work. We know the problems exist but because we consider ourselves to be mere ‘cogs in the wheel’ we overlook our direct responsibility to action change. It starts with recognising that WE ARE THE WHEEL. A collective effort is needed here.
  4. BUILDING BRIDGES – Start to build bridges between conventional and alternative practice methods and principles – A Board Certified MD (Dr James Duffy) held a lecture at the University of California in late 2018 where he stated that, after 30 years in practice, he had lost hope in the Newtonian reductionistic model we have followed since the 17th century and where according to modern practitioners, ‘if you can’t see something on an MRI scan, it simply doesn’t exist’. Case closed. Meds prescribed. We live in a World of Cause and effect. (A+B = C) But what if however, we started to bring back some of the ancient traditions that work with energy, where they see the manifestation of that energy as just a secondary consequence. It’s just the energy and energy is what we all are when stripped back to basics and when allowed to look at things through a new lens that allows for deeper, newer understanding and unlimited growth potential. We are not saying pick one over the other. We understand conventional practice has its place but we have not been allowed to understand the place of alternative practice in a mainstream sense because it hasn’t been allowed to be involved in general practice as it doesn’t generate profit. Pharmaceutical meds have to be chemically synthetic otherwise they cannot be patentable. You cannot patent nature. It’s that simple. That is not to deny though that they have their place as gentle alternatives to what we have been used to working with and we need to find a way to blend both practices together to start to allow for a wider range of clinical availability, one that looks at each case on an individual basis and not a one size fits all basis. There is a HUGE growing demand for natural health alternatives especially in human healthcare and that is also growing in Veterinary and the research and development of both throughout all sectors moving forward will be crucial to not only track and research but also, as practitioners, be prepared to understand and administer moving forward. How will this be achieved? By sharing the data and research in part 1. This is how we grow!
  5. STEPPING UP TO THE TABLE AND SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO THE MASSES – The interconnection via the ONE HEALTH PRINCIPLE will not only build a new model entirely of how we work together in terms of clinical practice. As practitioners, you will also be responsible for directly influencing possible change in the Economic, Geopolitical and social structures that mould our society. This has already started with the restructure of so many other industries and systems worldwide and the healthcare industry will be the leading force for our future. Being prepared for those changes now will make a smooth transition for all of us as we navigate new understandings and put them in to effect. It is time to get creative with science and allow it to offer us new insight that we can bring in to the next generation of Clinicians and researchers. LET’S GO LARGE but don’t stop there…..You also have a direct responsibility to share your knowledge with the general public. So many households of parents to animals and children DO NOT have simply executed and digestible access to information pertaining to the health and wellbeing of themselves and loved ones. Prevention has always been better than cure (Cause and effect A+B +C) You could argue that there is info out there but people chose to ignore it. There will always be that but enough HAS NOT been done to better educate the public as the traditional response is that vets, doctors and the likes of exist without them needing to know. They are there and they fix things, no questions asked. How many times do you have a conversation with a loved one that has been diagnosed with an problem and when they try to explain it to you they have no idea what has been explained to them, even in the simplest of terms? Over the last decade, we have seen a massive influx of people going out of their way to self research and take control of their health. This is very tricky however as often times sites they go to are presenting misleading information and it leads to a discredited cycle of information abuse networks which are directly misleading people that are genuinely trying to do the best for their families and communities.  We still have a long way to go but, it starts with us as the professionals to be stepping up and sharing this information in simpler and more community based ways instead of there being a huge divide between the superior knowing professionals and the blindness of the people. There has to be a meet in the middle point where everyone’s best interests are at heart. This should always be about a service to others where profit isn’t the main game plan because otherwise, it is only a service to self and a direct mistrust towards the system. This needs to change.  


We would like as many of you on board as possible!

  1. PRACTITIONERS. Let’s collaborate course material and content under peer reviewed accreditation and get material out there for all to utilise on both a professional and a public user platform. We propose a FREE ACCESS site for those wishing to submit work under those terms and also an affordable SUBSCRIPTION based access for those wishing to download larger qualities of course material for themselves or work groups. If you are a practitioner, clinician, specialist of a particular field WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Send us your work and we will host it for you on our platform (Details of platform at the end of this submission)
  2. PRACTICES / BUSINESSES: Get on board and start to download the content provided for the benefit of your team. As mentioned above, you are only as good as the staff you employ. With the Courses available we hope that you can encourage and inspire your team to help to integrate new principles and methods of all the above in to your practice. Additional to courses available, there will be a flux of content hosted by other practices and practitioners on vlogs and social that can help you to navigate changes as they are forecast or learn to implement new structures based on the info provided. There will also be a classified page for anyone wanting to feature job listings and exciting career opportunities and subscribed practice members will get discounted offers on various recruitment costs that are supplied by our sponsored recruitment partners.
  3. PRACTICE DIRECTORY: We will have a directory page on our site that for a small one off fee, you can list your practice as a ONE HEALTH affiliate, which will enable you to be reached by anyone (public included) looking for practices in your region that offer specific practice types or fields of specialty in your designated region and you will also be able to feature any of your own in house courses, special offers or Customer Discounts you are running at that time.  Hopefully this will help you grow a wider audience of clients and also link you to the growing network of practitioners with like-minded approaches and knowledge. You will also receive our monthly newsletter and have full access to our vlogs and social channels all for a one off annual payment of £195
  4. TOPIC DISCUSSIONS – We are looking at hosting a weekly Monday and Thursday session on a vlog platform with various vlog topics to attract our audience (professional and public and / or both) with specific info related to whatever health topic or specialty you cover. If you feel you have something you wish to share on our broadcast then you can get added to our calendar for a video zoom that will be covered with our presenters and hosted on our site and our social for all to see! Now is not the time to be camera shy…
  5. BOARD OF GOVERNORS – As mentioned, we are a small team of Vets, Doctors and Eco-scientists that have come together to start this hub. We would love it if more of you could come forward with an affirmed belief in our mission and put your name down on our board of Governors to help carry this forward with a backbone of knowledge and a heart of unity. The more of you we can get on board to stand strong on our mission the more likely it will be a growing success. This is FREE and all we need is to have you as a reliable professional available for comments and questions that may be raised by our community, our Businesses and wider public and to help us deliver an ethical and sound service to all. This may involve a number of conference calls throughout the year just to assess progress and so on but we foresee this to be minimal. You would be listed on our site as a Governor and should you wish to duck out at any point that is absolutely fine.
  6. THE PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT – While this site is predominantly a platform for content of a professional capacity, we want to make the focal parts of that info accessible and digestible to the general public for their information. This is going to be a huge part of our change moving forward and it’s not to say that the public needs to be sat down to watch how to perform a laparoscopy but more practical advice and information pertaining to health management that offers more direct personal autonomy from YOU THE PROFESSIONALS  is something that must be introduced for the people to start having more of an understanding and a say towards the management and representation of their health and that of their loved ones. This will not be for everyone but sharing is caring and for those interested, we feel this will be a fantastic platform of credible resource and knowledge that can help unite the 2 fields of professionals and public together. There will also be courses made available for the public from a Functional Medicine perspective so if anyone has course content they wish to share in that field again, we would love to hear from you!  


FORTIS ONE HEALTH will launch the site in March and it will host a variety of downloadable course content, vlogs, webinars and other exciting community content that will be accessible to everyone under varying membership access portals. It will be a simple to use site where practitioners and Businesses can share their work and access others work and it will also be available for public interest as we feel it is important to share our knowledge with those that are also interested in topics pertaining to healthcare and development. Everything starts from the home so we are interested in engaging with the public also so that they can be more involved with the knowledge we hold and share. This is about giving power back to the people so that we are all on the same page. The site will also allow as mentioned above, the ability for each registered Business to be able to feature their own current or upcoming offers and discount so that it hopefully generates more exposure and revenue for their services and products.  We also anticipate more features in the unfolding of our community and we shall update as we go along but for now, we’re making a start and we hope you will join us.

We anticipate that, given the coursework we have already started to receive and the interest for practices joining, we will be ready to launch our site in early March. We would LOVE you and as many of your colleagues on board to help bring this together.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get back to us in response to this email or you can contact is directly on 01748 468614 / 07450 920688

Further details can be sent out to anyone looking for more info.

We look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible!


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The Fortis One Health team

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