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Our quarterly publication has been designed to




‘The Gregorian calendar’ known as THE DEVILS CALENDAR—the calendar most widely used today—was named after Pope Gregory XIII, who is credited with introducing it (although he did not come up with its system). It was met with skepticism from Protestants and largely Protestant countries, some of whom believed the calendar was the work of the Antichrist…or at least an attempt to bring them back under the pope’s rule. It was adopted initially in 1582 by several Roman Catholic countries in Europe and spread to most of the rest of the world very gradually thereafter. The last country that adopted the diabolical calendar was Greece, in 1923.’ Source – BRITANNICA – OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED

So what next? The saying ‘OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED‘ seems to trigger a sense of doom, but actually, it’s just a literal statement. They are NUMBERED because they are quantified. The numbers however, are now running out or turning in to something else because something else will take their place. Nothing to be afraid of, just a change of scene let’s say. And as the talk of cycles and processions of nature plays strong, are we to assume we are attuning to a more organic timeline? Well, let’s see shall we? What a time to be alive!



We pride ourselves on our ability to forecast changes so that we can create strategy and plan for future outcomes. So looking in to 2023 we get all the feels of where this is flowing and it’s ALL about the water.

Water = Money, movement, digestive juices, spiritual essence and DREAMS! Yes, our sleep is a state of flowy Neptune frequencies. Neptune being God of the sea and emotions thus associated with purification and reflection. And as our bodies go to sleep every night, our soul does not and off we drift in to wave after wave of various brain states (literally) that are effected by our waking life so, the importance of creating a healthy day time conscious state is crucial for our sleep state.

Here we talk about the deeper side of this topic from a scientific perspective and also include some pretty deep articles and podcasts on how we can better our sleep hygiene and, funnily enough, that stems from EVERY OTHER THEME that will be prevalent this 2023. You’ll want to get on board and ride this wave!

Just a reminder, that you are never alone

One of the interesting things we noticed throughout the pandemic as psychologists and researchers, was a deep case of ‘reverse psychology’ and a SUPER case of enlightening QUANTUM entanglement when it came to the LOCKDOWN setting where the slogans ‘WE REALLY NEED TO SEE LESS OF EACH OTHER’ and ‘SOCIALLY DISTANCING SAVES LIVES’ played out. For many, even without realizing, they might have done what they thought was morally right and stayed at home but they still suffered the consequences of feeling lonely and shut away from society and their loved ones. As a human collective, we are like pack animals, herded to follow each other along the paths we take and when you’re told to keep away from each other, that has a damaging effect on our emotional and mental health because we are not designed to socially distance.

So what has this done that can be looked at in a positive light? Well, a lot actually. The thing is, that even when we’re not together, we are still together. The idea of quantum physics and quantum human psychology is super interconnected and If everything is viewed as a psyop through the quantum lense, then we can see the past and future merged together through the NOW moment in an entangled torus field. That is to say that everything is happening in the now so there is no such thing as dead or alive, past or present, but mere consciousness playing out in the NOW moment. And perhaps we needed these experiences to play out so that our feelings could adapt to the collective field and therefore enable a new force of communication to come alive through a HIGHER, more telepathic frequency. So even when we’re not together, we can still read each others thoughts and feelings. We can still feel each other. So ‘Seeing is believing’ becomes ‘Believing is seeing’ and new neuro pathways are created to awaken our subconscious minds and expand our conscious abilities. We think this has a lot to do with where we’re heading next and why SLEEP is such a theme for 2023 as our brain waves are now altered and we are growing as a human collective THANKS to these experiences we have shared together. See, even when you think you’re alone, you never really are. We are always all together!

We are working with Psychologist Renee Howe, to go deeper in to the things that we allow to take away our self esteem. It’s not that other people or circumstances take it from us, it’s that we allow our self esteem to be taken from us because somehow we doubt our own SELF WORTH and that costs us how much we value ourselves enough to protect our boundaries from diminishing scenarios.

Rejection, criticism and judgement all play a huge part in our every day roles. We’re constantly under a microscope whether its at home, work, school or play…Are we clever enough? fun enough? pretty enough? interesting enough? There is so much pressure that a lot of the time it’s so easy to fall and feel we’re unworthy of self love and appreciation because we compare ourselves to others or are told in one way or another that we’re not good enough. This judgement is an external projection however and has got nothing at all to do with you as a person on the inside so, we need to come back to that. That person on the inside who YOU KNOW YOU ARE is the only thing that matters and the only person that needs to be concerned about that is YOU! So, let’s do some inner-work and open the Pandora’s box on who you really are and what your worth really is and then once we’ve got you all polished up, LET’S GET YOU OUT THERE TO SHINE YOUR SELF WORTH TO THE WORLD!



The business world was set up by men and we as women have had a long history of trying to find our rightful place within this world that for so long now, has picked up pace and driven us all, men and women, out of our minds, bodies and senses but….

It was set up by men, for men and here we are playing along but what the Business world needs to realise is that we, women are different to men and that is absolutely OK! In fact, what’s not OK is the fact that we’re the ones expected to change instead of the system bending a little. I mean, all this talk of CYCLICAL LIVING and rightly so, but when it comes to our cycles, nope, the system comes 1st! Well that’s got to change because this generation of women are absolutely saying enough!

It’s the baby boomer generation of women, those now in their 60’s that have been hit the hardest by having their retirement age pushed back further when as women in women’s bodies, we do not operate in a linnear moving fashion. We are cyclical so the only way that’s going to work in our favor is if the external world also pays its respects to that. So, how can that be done?

We’re looking at various discussion points and considerations that can help make the balance between the women’s’ changing body and how it can fit in to the working world at an age where we should be gracefully and naturally slowing down and taking it steady. Plus, some great suggestions for natural solutions to diet, exercise and cyclical lifestyle tips for those approaching the changes. We will THRIVE won’t we ladies!


It is lost on any good psychologist why modern medical practitioners do not focus more on the connection between the nervous system and the brain when it comes to diagnosing and treating any form of mental disorder, as it is commonly known that the link between the nervous system and the brain is what helps us regulate our body and very simply put, the FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE is what is caused by the functions or our SYMPATHETIC and our PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. In short, the sympathetic nervous system triggers the body to action emotions of panic, stress, anxiety, worry etc and our parasympathetic system helps to calm to body down after an episode. This is how we are designed, much like an in out, hot cold, dark light polarity the 2 work together to balance the system but, if your in a constant state of fight or flight, the system burns out. It runs on empty and it cannot regulate thus risking higher chances of disorders such as depression, anxiety, immune disorders, sleep problems and then physical problems such as memory issues, heart problems and other serious conditions.

So how do we regulate the nervous system?

We have a number of worksheets and therapy techniques in this March issue that you can download and use to help you in your daily life. Things such as breathing techniques, vagus nerve stimulation, visualization and relaxation techniques and also a number of other things that you can implement in to your lifestyle that can help with overall function and regulation.

The question of the meaning of life is perhaps one that we would rather not ask, for fear of the answer or lack thereof

Carl Jung said it beautifully when he stated Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. There is a lot in this entire Spring edition that pays homage to the magic of sleep and awakening and it is no coincidence that the themes for this year are allowing us to slow down so that we can do exactly that. Go within and awaken to our higher senses and deepest parts that we can only know through moments of self reflection and contemplation. The last few years have been a CALL TO ACTION and were dynamic, fast and furious but, now is the time to catch your breath and retreat to the world inside where you can seek solace and a boundless sense of why we’re really here.

Carl Jung also said, just for reference:

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.”

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

The wonders of Philosophy and how they can expand your perspectives and horizons are what we’re all about! Don’t you just LOVE it, this crazy thing called life?


It is when we try to separate ourselves from nature that we find problems and resistance. The very way back is to head in to the natural timeline where the laws of nature lead and we follow.

For far too long, man has had his fingers in all the pies and tried hard to control the narrative, therefore creating problem after problem until it spiraled out of control. Hey, we think technology is great and the western way of the world has so many fabulous things going for it but, that boundaries have been pushed and limits broken and it’s now time to retreat back to a place where things can have a little reset.

Remember when lockdown happened and everyone was so excited about how the lakes, rivers and oceans were finally allowed to breathe and be free again, cleansed from the fast moving sin of the humans, all the birds came out singing and Spring hit us in March 2020 like a choral of floral confettii showering us from the heavens! What a time, when nature could dictate her tempo and we just kick back and take it

We’re talking all things cyclical, ruled by nature and organic and how we can implement the most of this into our life, however that looks!

Don’t grieve. Everything you lose comes around again in one form or another. We never really lose anything. It just changes form. Grief is the great revealer

We have collectively gone through some of the darkest, densest years. The pain and turmoil of what we are left with us too much to bare for some. And it’s not just for those that have lost loved ones or suffered breakups or loss in the hardest of ways but for all of us as collectively we feel each others pain and only through the collective do we find the way out as it takes a village to put out hands and raise each other back up but, in order to rise up from the lowest points of grief, we need to understand what grief really is, because it can be one of the trickiest loops to get stuck in

We will be going through all the facts and myths about grief and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it and we have some workbooks and therapy techniques that we think are super useful for anyone wanting to tackle this conundrum. And we’re just going to leave this here for you

Myth #1 – Grief is an emotion

Grief is not an emotion but is rather a collective fusion of various lower based emotions such as sadness, anger, frustration, sorrow, guilt and rejection. It is somewhat of an admixture of so many puzzling feelings that it can seem like a maze you can’t get out of and in times where things seem their worst, this is an awful puddle that soaks you to the bone.


One of the quirkiest trends that has taken a HUGE front of stage role over the last few years has been the advancement of our understanding to how the cosmos and universal energies play out in conjunction (literally) to our lives. We’re not talking your general horoscope, we’re talking angles, aspects, trines, squares and conjunctions and all the mathematical connections and energetic exchanges that come in to PLAY (literally) right here on this stage where we are all characters of a grand design.

Although we aren’t sure of the architect as such, the game of astrology and the cosmos is quite the performance where each player holds various energetic themes, dynamics and the results of can either cause catastrophe or prosperity! Such fun!

But from a psychological perspective, it must be said that understanding the workings of this incredible earthly / celestial influence can have huge benefits on the understanding of our SELF as by understanding the basics of your birth charts and the timings of your life in conjunction to these divinatory practices you can honestly open up possibilities of a whole new view on life!


We will be looking in to this on a deeper level and giving you the basic worksheets should you wish to explore it further for yourself!

The 90 day LIFE LAB is our elite spring clean program designed for you by Kathryn Asher, behavioural and depth psychologist / researcher that has put together this incredible platform that will span the course of our 1st quarter of 2023 and will provide you with all the tools you need to initiate this vibrant and insightful challenge to get your house in order! And by house, we mean that metaphorically as you will be guided through every corner, house, body, mind, heart, soul and all the other nooks and crannies that need a freshen up

With assignments, podcasts / sound bites, printables, trackers, worksheets and planners, guided suggestions, links and live forums that you can join in with to maximize the quality of your success throughout this program. This is a self-managed project though you will be guided all the way as we open the doors on all the places that will be assessed and reviewed.


It will be hard, challenging and maybe even a little emotional but, it will also be fun, incredibly rewarding and where you can really start to see the potential for growth this year!

This is one of our most favorite little quirky additions throughout this entire platform! This meal planner is FULL of explosive insightful info based on what foods we should eat throughout each phase of our menstrual cycle (Guys don’t worry, you can still join in with this it is actually good that you do as even though the menstrual part may not apply, the rest is very relevant to your health too) but, this is is based on physical cycles, seasonal cycles and what is available locally and seasonally throughout this Spring 2023. It has also been crafted to be quick, easy put together meals that are suitable and flexible for all diet types and also based on a realistic budget given our current financial crisis so, you can still reap the health benefits without breaking the bank and have it be GUT HEALTH and HORMONE HEALTH focused!

How cool is that! These recipes come via the plantoeat app that you can access without the purchase obligation but totally great if you want to reap their membership benefits. The SomaHealth recipes are filed in accordance to each menstrual phase with shopping lists that you can link to your google calendar and also write / mark down on your printable planner available in the life lab above!

As an add on to the life lab and for those that wish to deepen their experience with embodiment and self guided practice, SOMA LIFE LAB has created a 30 day embodiment program that runs in conjunction to the life lab and helps you really acknowledge the areas in your life that yearn for attention and reflection. The life lab is a general program that scratches the surface on a lot of what will come up here but this course will not only provide you with the tools on how to listen to your body but also how to respond. How to take accountability for your emotions and mindset and how to integrate and implement concepts of somatic therapy so that you can shine a light on your personal patterns and start to become aware of how and what mechanisms / resources you need to shift and make changes with you in the driving seat.

There will be various areas to look at from:

  • The stories you tell yourself
  • Your identity
  • Your Inner child / childhood
  • Memories
  • Presence
  • Inner critic
  • Shadow
  • Body
  • Integration
  • Thoughts and feelings

Charlie Kingsland is quite literally a WEALTH of information when it comes to all things ‘wealth health’ and her background in the field of the financial markets as a coach to some of the worlds top executives gives her the ‘insider trading’ so to speak on our global financial shifts and the scoop on what to expect during this year of continuing and upgrading shifts. As we have touched on, the theme of 2023 is ‘The way of the water’ and as Charlie will explain throughout our interviews and articles, she is laying down the flowing and changing laws of the money movements and how the language of money systems is based on a water based currency (current sea) and how our ‘liquid’ assets and ‘net‘ worths are all moving on to a more air based ‘etherium’ system designed to hold more substance and give us more authority over our wealth and assets. It’s a game changing part of this season’s focal point and one you won’t want to miss out on!

The undeniable force of nature and how it is making its return back to being not only a focus point but centre stage and the leading force throughout this years shifts. We may think that the technocratic world is the leading force and externally it may seem like that. We wouldn’t disagree but, under the surface of what is the main stream illusive narrative, there’s a strong ebb and flow that is filling our beings in all their forms back to a state of organic neutrality. The last few years have demonstrated massively the benefits of getting outdoors and allowing natural alternatives to not only be in our lives as ‘alternatives’ but to consider them as every day principles that are our guiding force in all their elements. Literally, all the elements!

We discuss this across all areas. The look at our resources and their ever polarising dynamics from fossil fuels to our food production. From our oceans to deforestation, why it is so important to have an understanding on why these matters matter and what we can do about implementing them in to our daily lives in the most grounding, rooted earth based way, the most firey sparking inspirational way, the most flowy, dreamy watery way and the most etheric, futuristic and innovative air based way. Put them all together and what do you get? THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!

It is with great pleasure to be able to offer a little bit of a different tangent on a pretty special topic. The animal kingdom and our beloved companions we adore so much. But not in the way we usually like to have a chat about them. This time, we’re giving them a whole new light and them us!

Animal – comes from the root word Animalis / anima / animae – in Latin and literally means ‘having breath – having spirit – animated life’ So, one way to look at our animal friends could be that they are life in animation playing out right in front of us. In which case, their representation stems far deeper than we have ever paid knowledge and aware understanding to.

Enter, THE SPIRIT ANIMAL WORLD! According to many elders, prophets and natives, our animal friends play a very deep role in our existence and are actually from another realm entirely passing on messages from beyond and relaying them back to us, if we could only listen and if we could only hear. Are you listening? Can you hear?

We talk to Catherine Edwards about the deeper connection to our animal friends from her knowledge as a biologist and horse iridologist and how these messages play out from our human perspective and what they are telling us! SO SO INTERESTING!

In this busy life, these long days of madness and chaos where we never seem to be able to catch a breath and we’re swamped by all the tasks thrown at us. How do we find solace and peace among it all?

We ask Zoe Scott, Meditation teacher and gentle guide into the quiet place. Zoe helps us to connect to ourselves by effortlessly zoning out of the external world and zoning in to the one you belong to inside of you where you can open the door to the quiet place and sit quietly for a while, any time you like.

Combining meditation and breathwork is one of the simplest, most natural yet deepest forms of practice to find ground and space away from the madness and the benefits are huge! So many people say they don’t know how or have tried and can’t find space with meditation but Zoe helps you tap in to the quiet place with ease and grace.

Find our interviews with Zoe and her complimentary guided session for you to experience in the Spring edition. Namaste

It is our pleasure to be able to add to our gut health discussions by interviewing Katherine Carey, Founder and Creator of Retreat Remedies, a magical little corner of North Yorkshire where Katherine crafts her alchemical blends of her exquisite Apple Cider Vinegar potions, ranging from Fire Cider to Blood Cider, designed to tingle and tantalise you from head to toe, inside and out. Her incredible formulas are handcrafted, fermented and bottled by hers truly and are pure medicinal magic from the fields and trees of the Dales. Details of her products and their uses are available in the Spring edition 2023

And we also have the incredible Katie Brindle, AKA the Hayou Method TCM healer and leader of the lotus ladies. Katie is here to give us tips on self TCM practices that you can implement at home with or without the aid of various tools that can help you from head to toe. Her body mapping techniques focus on all the meridians and organ points throughout the body to help you TAP IN (literally, aka body tapping with bamboo sticks or simply with your hands) to achieve Qi Flow (energy flow) throughout the system. So incredibly informative and one of the most intriguingly genius ways to consider the body and its fine tunings.

The wonderful Catherine Farrant marked her place a decade ago in the UK gut health market as a leading player when it comes to bone broth formulas and how and why they are so good for you, from collagen production which prevents ageing skin to the many amino acids and mineral compounds that come from slow simmering organic bones from healthy cattle and chickens. It took off and became a massive success and since then her and her family moved from the UK to Dubai where she also started venturing in to something equally as sensational

Catherine talks all the wonders of home birthing, re-wilding and bio-hacking and we chat with her about her incredible story from her journey growing up in South Africa amongst the wildlife and shamanic healers that inspired her to make nurture from nature by using nourishing earth provisions to make balms and creams for our skin as well as for us to eat because, why would you put anything on your face that you wouldn’t put in your mouth? Good question! Stay tuned for this absolute WILD FIRE of a chat and all the details about where her products can be found!

And speaking of products – We have put together a list of all the products and resources that we have discussed in all our interviews, podcasts, articles and programs so that you can go get whatever has grabbed your interest throughout this Spring edition!

We hope you treat yourself to something that will make your 2023 just magical!

All the talk about gut health, sleep health, meditation and all the hard work you’ve put in with your life lab assignments to make huge progress in all the areas of your life is all very well and good but, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOU? Yes, all of that has been for you but it’s been a lot of hard work and focus. What have you done for you to unwind and enjoy in your free time? A lot of people we speak with couldn’t even tell us what they wish to focus their free time on because they have become so lost and trapped in the fast lane that an afternoon for themselves doesn’t seem achievable so tv off, kids out – What do you want to do?

Have you ever thought you might like to learn to paint? Fall in love with the art of ceramics or learn to knit? How about a cookery class? A game of chess? Join a book club or learn a musical instrument? There are limitless creative and inspiring ideas that could enhance your life in ways you never imagined if only you could imagine. Take 5 minutes and ask yourself, what could you enjoy that’s just for you? And then read through this little list of options and see if any of them grab your fancy! Then give yourself permission to dare to go ahead and find time and access to one of these little life pleasures. You deserve it!

If you remember times when you were in love, you’ll recall that the other person seemed all loving, shining, wonderful, right? Then after a few months, you wonder where the loving, shining, wonderfulness went. You must think that they stopped loving you, but no! Those qualities were an illusion to start with. It was always just a projection of your own essence. This doesn’t mean that your partner doesn’t have an essence of their own, but that wasn’t what you were seeing. You were projecting your essence on to him. That was what you were really in love with

We’re about to crack open the heart and really shake up this whole LOVE thing. We’re talking about

  • REAL love vibes
  • The reasons we keep rising and falling in love
  • What the future of LOVE unions look like
  • Things we can do to fulfill our relationships or set ourselves free

And phew, after all of that, we are leaving you with a few extra bits and pieces that are also IN FOCUS – A few little inspiring articles and think tank pieces that might be of use to you over the course of the next few months.

We hope you find them super useful!

We can’t wait to see you and get to know you and wish you the most enlightening, refreshing and empowering start to 2023! Claim it! It belongs to you x

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