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This publication is the FORTIS ONE HEALTH premier feature. We have spent years collaborating with Scientists, researchers, engineers, doctors, nurses and so many other valuable professionals across the fields of triad healthcare. The value of this publication is priceless now that we have reached a pinnacle of change where the focus now needs to be on bridge building between networks and collaborating through the fields to reach a point of inclusion and unity rather than division and separation. The ONE HEALTH magazine does exactly this so it is the ideal professional subscription for any professional looking to implement and integrate one health concepts in to their field of work

We have worked with a number of CPD and course providers especially in Veterinary and Healthcare since 2014 so we have a huge range of conventional and alternative courses and content across all networks. This is crucial to our bridge building movement where we believe that the academic access of course availability needs to stretch from traditional limited access to broad spectrum, independent research so that there is enough of a wide angled view across the fields of environmental, veterinary and healthcare in order to determine how to create problem solving solutions especially in a ONE HEALTH collective capacity. As a professional member, you will receive full course listings in our monthly newsletter and discounts to coursework and content that may be suitable to you. All the courses that we do offer will have a ONE HEALTH focus and will touch on subjects from across all fields of practice.

Similar to above, we aim to provide our professional members details pertaining to ONE HEALTH SOLUTIONS across all fields on a monthly basis. So you can be sure to receive the low down on all courses, events, seminars, workshops and downloadable content. We work across the globe so this will be a sure way to keep a track on all the line up of whats going on so that you can check in to the projects that suit you, keep informed and network on a deeper level throughout the fields of ONE HEALTH. It is our incentive to keep as many informed globally as the concept of ONE HEALTH is a global one, where we pinpoint our focus on small local communities but outreach on a larger scale to keep everyone on the same page. This is a huge part of what we do and is a massive benefit to those signed in as it helps to create a far richer network and one that you can proudly be a part of!

Our ONE HEALTH job boards are not specific to members perse, anyone can use this service though as a member, there will be a link to job boards on your monthly newsletter should that sub-category be of interest to you. With the progression of ONE HEALTH, the great thing about one health courses, especially university masters degrees is that it opens up a whole new world of career opportunities that are not necessarily limiting to work in one specific field as is commonly understood, so you might be a vet that has completed fields of research that now wants to pursue a career in public health or community outreach, or you might be an engineer that would like to expand in to different fields of eco-science. Our boards are international and offer a wide range of scope for diversity and growth! Always good to have those options!

If you wish to become a contributor of any work, research based data, theoretical, practical or solution based ONE HEALTH related topics that you believe would be a credible addition to our publication, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at



Patricia Gomes – As a practicing Vet in the UK and Spain I really like to be able to access digital CPD that is relevant to my interests, which for the last 12 months Fortis Vets have been providing while they launched this site and now I am so pleased that I can have it all in one place rather than between my employment and personal channels. My employer pays for any of the CPD I buy on here and as I have the subscription it works out cheaper for them and better for me as I now have access to more and one free every month also. I noticed the free CPD is mainly HOLISTIC focused but as I understand that is where there is a growth in the industry and is now a popular trend to get on board with I do appreciate the information in this field as it is integrative. Very pleased. Would highly recommend

Chris Andersen – I am a Vet that has been working in Clinical practice in the UK and also in Australia for 10 years now and I am very happy with the content and integration of the holistic and natural movement coming online along side the conventional CPD and standard practice. I don’t use it much in my line of practice but I love the course content that I do use and also the added extras on the subscription are great! Love a bit of YouTube community. Its all about coming together especially after the year we’ve all had. The mindful aspects have been great. I have shared with colleagues.


You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you paid for a year subscription however, you will lose out on the remaining added extras such as events and calendar notifications but you will still receive the remaining years publication subscription until the year end. If you are paying monthly however, your payments will simply stop and you will stop receiving any content from us


Similar to above, you can come and go as you please with either type of membership and any content downloaded or purchased during your membership is yours to keep. As we work with outside affiliates for CPD and course bookings, your booking would be direct with the course providers anyhow so even after you leave us, if you have agreed a course date or discount that would still be favoured.

If you are a member that has been placed doing any contract or locum work via our recruitment portal and you wish to stop receiving subscriber benefits, we can still act as agency throughout your contracted employment bookings external to that of our other membership services as the ONE HEALTH recruitment solutions is available to all, members or non members

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