The Human Animal Bond

Understanding the depth of our connection and how this understanding can change us in so many ways

For almost a decade now, we have been noticing the evident richness and development of our human connection to our animal friends. Our companion animals now play such a huge part of our lives and they have become fundamental family members and support mechanisms in so many ways that it is now time to really show data that reflects just how impactful this bond truly is

There are many ways in which many animal breeds offer support and connection.

  • Quality of life
  • Mental Health and emotional wellbeing
  • Child and elderly support and development
  • Support for the homeless and vulnerable
  • Allergy support and immune defence
  • Fitness and motivation
  • Cognitive function and development
  • Psychological links that connect us to ourselves and environment
  • Grief support
  • Sleep and restful states
  • Spiritual connections
  • The obvious – Mans best friend

From Horses to dogs and cats and even smaller furries and reptiles, there are so many species of animals that we share this earth with and we are wanting to really dig deep and get as much data and insight as we can that can help support our research projects and highlight the incredible connections that develop between humans and animals. Some research and conversations may be straight forward and seemingly obvious whereas some may be tapping in to the spirit realms and connect us on a deeper level. No research is too deep or too far for us to travel to…..And guess what? We’re gonna!


We work across ONE HEALTH with an international pool of Vets, Animal health scientists, researchers and eco-scientists to help share data pertaining to the whole spectrum of animal lives and how they correlate to our human lives. This data is mindblowing and deep and looks at all animal breeds and types throughout our ecosystem, how they are evolving in accordance to our human evolution and how the changes in the ecosystem correspond to our human evolutionary changes based on intrinsic factors and what the predictive outcomes might look like over cross-sectional periods of time. We have various short and long term projects running in this category that help to create a larger, finely detailed picture of our human / animal timeline based on past historical data and our current data. What the future will look like is determined in these projects so as much funding and hands on researchers as we can get to fulfill this category is crucial!


One of our most favorite research projects are the studies that look at the developing bond between animals and the elderly and children. We have seen hugely positive research on the benefits of animal interaction with the elderly in both hospital environments and care homes and how animals help with many concerns such as mental health, emotional health and loneliness. Research has also shown that child-led environments that interact with animals display huge benefits with children with ADHD, autism spectrum and other neurodevelopmental disorders help massively with developmental cognitive function, emotional support and mental health and studies have shown that children that are responsible for the life of an animal are far more empathetic and develop a more balanced and kind approach to their peers thanks to their involvement with their animal friends. That said, there is not always a positive result, so it is important to be able to understand why and the data we collect is the only way to identify the areas in which this could be the case. Problems such as allergies, fear factors and past traumatic events from animals can cause an adverse effect. Only when we can look at both sides of the spectrum can we understand what the data is telling us and the only way we can do this is through precise planning and consistent approach throughout each project from start to finish.

We would love to carry on our research in these fields and are always looking for funding and resources so that we can implement longer time framed projects to specifically look at the intrinsic data of – pets in classrooms, take your dog to work day, dogs in care homes for elderly patients, service dogs and PTSD, which animals do children respond to better and why and how all the fine details look both statistically and thematically, an approach which is more time consuming and in order to validate data according to both concepts, it is important that we get the right hands on board in order for this to provide us with the outcomes we expect.


It takes a lot of very empathetic research channels to tie together this part of our focus area and we work closely with a number of welfare officers and charities that help us to further understand the connections between vulnerable people and their animal companions in various differing social, environmental and geographical fields. It is a fascinating area that we are developing with the hope to piece together not only the understanding but the outreach required to assist and advise in sensitive fields such as these. Understanding the connection on the most humane level gives us the ability to be able to work closer with a number of charities and networks that can facilitate help towards the vulnerable and their animal companions at the same time as facilitating research based understandings.

If you are a charity or network that helps the homeless and vulnerable and would like to get involved then please contact us and we would love to collaborate with you


We are all trying to understand our place in this world and not all of it is linnear or as it seems on surface level. There is more than our day to day living and it seems we are at a point where many are digging deep and asking who they are and why they’re here more than ever before.

Movies that we watch and books we read expose us to a far richer world that we take for make believe and fantasy but the natural world it is a very real thing that many are finding offers a deeper understanding of their place in this world and helps with huge sufferings such as anxiety and depression. Going for walks and being around nature is one of the most obvious things we can do but also, finding connections to the animal kingdom and the messages they hold for us on an energetic level is also something many find comforts and connects them. There is a world full of varied species and wildlife that on a spiritual level offers us insights in to a deeper connect that we mostly care to know. But for many, they do care and they are reaching out to find answers.

There are hugely popular websites and social channels now offering animal therapy sessions via cute cat videos and meditation replays of animal sounds just as there are A-Z quizzes where you can find your spirit animal based on your personality, date of birth and emotional state.

We want to be able to take these incredible offerings and dive deeper in to the psychology of how and why many are in search of deeper discoveries and also what they find upon the quest of the journey. What is the animal kingdom really telling us and how? It’s a deep one, it’s a fun one, it’s an emotional one and the findings will be unique and distinctive for sure!


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The soul is healed by being with children and animals – Animal assisted therapy

Animal-assisted activities with guinea pigs had positive effects for children with autism, including increases in smiling and social behaviors. Children with ASD also exhibited a 43% decrease in skin conductance, a measure of physiological activation, when interacting with guinea pigs as compared to toys 

― Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

“Do you ever just wake up and think, I’m not really in the mood for human interaction today?”

― Every Vet surgeon and RVN everywhere EVER

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